Saturday, 31 May 2014

Luxury apartments in Bangalore

 Luxury 3BHK and 4BHK apartments in Bangalore

Our wide spread business in UAE and UK make us on top of the leading quality and sensible real estate service provider in Bangalore. We won many rewards and acknowledgement for residential projects in Salarpuria Sattva. Since Bangalore is the metropolitan city the heavy duty building construction go hand in hand as it never stop as the civil construction is ever lasting business and service according to our vision of views.

The Sattva Group always dedicated in giving the best outcome to the beliver of Sattva and never compromise on the quality of the service or product. We never stop imagine of innovation on every rewars and recognition given to us at any circumstances. The Indian and NRI people also can make a contract with us for the residential and commercial building projects and we value for your money and time as we have a positive and sensitive attitude toward our client.

We build 2 BHK- 3 BHK and 4 BHK appartments for the sphosticated life for even a joint family with all the facilities available in the city area. Our offers will be loyal and truxtable at any cost and we will guide you for the further assistance like maintenance of your luxurious apartments. As we believe that our growth depends on your trust on us and your growth of success in your life. Sattva gives happiness who ever comes to us.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Luxury flats in Old Madras Road Bangalore

Sattva mainly focus on the quality high duty construction apartment building and commercial building. We always have an article column on the leading newspaper and you can check in the website about the latest news for which we appeared on the media. Our work and experience are always put into exhibitions and promotion on several venue. Lot of social and environmental events will be performed for the upliftment and growth of our team work. The most successful and famous event was the Green event at Greenage. Everyone on the ground from small to big all the people assembled and gave a life to tree and planted many twigs on their name. Holi at Greenage is the auspicious event happen per year as the color indicated the happiness in life like wise we start our every year of success with the color festival in the Greenage. Get together strings everyone on the floor and blast with joy and music for the refreshment in the life.

Sattva Magnificia making the new environment with the well fitted video library who wants to learn flourish which is located in Old Madras Road. Gym is constructed for the women and office going man for doing exerciser in the evening and make then fit always as our motto is the healthy and wealthy life. We also respect the work of our individual team members for working as mush as spirit in prospective years. We work with the quality vendors and know them deeply before join hands with them as we never want to compromise with the quality towards our customer.

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sattva does various activities like coprorate social responsibilities, Differentiators, corporate overview

Corporate Overview

The prime and motto of Sattva is to construct the high quality building construction and should make a landmark in which it has been located. Sattva has a big corporate office Gallery and there the main technology soft copy and auditing has been done. Even though we work in team always prefer and guiding the juniors to take leadership and encourage them to share their views and ideas on dice. The Organization become success only when it respect the individual presence and their work. Awards and Recognition will held hand in hand and we also achieved many Awards and Recognition from CNBC, NDTC etc for the Best Residential Property Award. Our diversification of construction makes us to reach the position where we are now. Since we touch and built almost all the field like World class IT parks, commercial buildings, residential apartments, hospitality and retail properties. Intense eagerness to construct and build with innovative model architecture for the latest building and make everyone to astonish about our work.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Most promise to constructing building with the harmful materials by avoiding the use of harmful materials and approved by the social institute which supports environment growth. We will do many process for the renewable resources. Since energy and environment is as important to sustain life in earth. You can visit our website to check the authorization we have received from the various certification provider of upliftment of the environment. We never use the materials which is harmful and hazardous to the environment. We normally refer our construction as the high quality designed construction for residing with the family.


Our differentiators is the one and only “Trust” factor. We have a firm belief in it since we think that the trust is the main aspects of everything without that anything is impossible so we always make the best in construction quality, reliability, consistency of work, innovation of idea, stability of implementation.

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Investing Money in Sattva Group Real Estate Bangalore

Raman and Seetha is the newly married couple working in a IT company came to Bangalore for living and searched apartments with all the basic and luxurious facilities to get a comfortable and joyful starting. Visited Salarpuria Sattva and finalized in a few seconds to make their starting with Sattva as Sattva mostly concerned about the starting edge of the life of any person as a human being want a starting support for any kind of big thing to accomplish.

Seetha is very much happy to see the recreation space inside the building compound with the fitness care. Seetha is also wants to learn skating and swimming and she need not to go outside the are for learning as this facility is available inside the building coverage. She is very much found of park and she now decided to walk in the garden which is very much near to her apartments as she got a ground floor apartments with all the convenient facilities inside the boundary. Raman is very happy because the cinema hall is inside the fence and he is very much found of movies. After Marriage Raman become fat, not to worry now as he will reduce the fatness with the help of the fitness care. As he got the ground floor apartment he can get all kind of services like delivering of milk and newspaper will be getting without any problem of delay and confusion. He can invite his friends and relatives and make their time in Sattva.

Sattva Real Estate is the top most one to give the better service at a reasonable price as we respect the value for time and money. Good times ahead by taking wrathful decision of investing money in Sattva and making your dream home for your family and the upcoming generation. The security and monitoring factors are the major role in getting the buyers on every recent of time. Sattva Group is the most trust able real estate provider in Bangalore.

Are you searching for this type of Apartment in this silicon city Bangalore, with these many of facilities?

Friday, 16 May 2014

Make your Dream Home Come True by Buying Apartments in Bangalore

     It is very much difficult to get the most convenient Apartments nowadays but I heard that the Apartments put on by the Sattva Salarpuria is something comfortable and most wanted apartments.

So made a plan to visit the Apartments on last Saturday and you don't believe how much I am happy after visiting the Apartments.

Even Sattva Salarpuria make so many projects in Bangalore like Greenage, Luxuria, Mgificia, Gold Summit, Senorita, Melody, Clarinet, Celesta, Aspire, Kings Domain, Necklace Pride, Navratna, H&M Royal, Water's Edge these are the latest and successful projects of Sattva.

I have visited the Greenage Apartments and astonished the construction work and the construction material used for the construction. There is lot of recreation facility under the area coverage of Greenage.

There is big gigantic swimming pool at the entrance of the circumference associated with Plazza. The Building have Tennis court, Basketball court, Roller skating, Children play ground for sports activity. Club house is there at the corner for activating the office going persons.

Botanic Garden, Fountain court, Pond with high water jet, Amphi Theatre is constructed to kill the boredom of the younger and elders, Kids pool and family swimming pool is there for the enjoyment and entertainment. 10 buildings are located inside the Greenage boundary and with full of up to mark facility.

All the necessary basic facility to the modern and luxurious support is available inside the building. The Carve and the Halls inside the building give the experience in travelling in the royal life.

The floor plans and the amenities provide in those building will not allow you to move outside. The Gallery inside each apartment is spacious and can accommodate the n number of people. It is fully furnished with wood work and the electrical work. Essential precaution also done against the environment pollution.

It's really a dream home to everyone so everyone has to visit the Greenage Apartments before purchasing the Apartments.


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Which one will be the best either to invest in Commercial Real Estate or in Residential Real Esate

It is a nice topic to talk about in a today's market state of the Land Property or the Apartment Property. The basic principle of investment on the both commercial real estate and residential real estate is the same. Few parameters make both the investment are good and they are cash flow, rentals,tenants,value of the property, lease, financing, knowledge and significance of the investor.

The Residential investment in which the rental payment will be less than the commercial rental payment as there is a payment of current, maintenance etc which leads to the great earning in the Commercial Real Estate. In Residential the cash flow will be consistent since one tenant goes then another
tenant will occupy the space. House rentals depends on the current market strategy so the rents also increases day by day.

It is easy to sell houses compare to the large commercial building due to security and customs. Its is easy to purchase the residential land in a single down payment and get the 90 percent mortgage financing from the bank. The residential area require less space so can build many houses and earn money. Commercials can give to lease so the duration will be higher can get the large turnover out of it. The value of the property will increases year by year because of document periods given for the leases. With all this advantages sometimes there is a chances of disadvantages in Residential the tenants sometimes will not pay the monthly rents and sometimes they vacate the house without paying the rent.

In commercial, if the person is using for the business purpose and its running fine then he can earn the profit otherwise he loose everything if the business get loses. Both residential and commercial owners have good and bad experience simultaneously. Overall both Residential Real Estate  and Commercial Real Estate have advantages and disadvantages as common so we need to think wisely before we construct the types of real estate. Sattva Group is a Real Estate Company provides solutions for both Commercial and Residential Projects. According to morals we can start from small to large so we can start a residential real estate before the commercial real estate.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Right time to invest in Bangalore: Real Estate Bangalore

Reading the Economic Times and Times of India everyday, we come to know the price rise of property, land and work so it is better to decide now and act. Investment today make you to feel tension free for tomorrow. Bangalore is a vast city were you can purchase anything at anytime and improtant thing is that you will get the Real Estate Business provider on each and every corner of the city. It's upto us to take the proper guidance of the Real Estate Bangalore to invest your money in property so that after some few decades it will be a immovable property for you with the price is as much as higher than today's worth of price for the same property.

Everyone's wish is to work in a MNC company and live in a well sophisticated or luxury apartment for the better life. But it's very difficult to get a luxury apartment with a handsome of money so it's the correct time to plan the long time investment for your children. Greenage is the recent project done by Salarpuria Sattva Group and we think that it will satisfy many to purchase a dream flat for a perfect and complete lifestyle.

Greenage contain ample space for recreation, swimming, tennis court, Children or old age space to spent time in a garden called area, water storage facility, proper arrangements done for the removal of poisonous gases from the AC and Kitchen to outside, Children care center, immediate medical aid incase of emergency, sports activity, monthly maintenance negotiation hall, etc, etc. All arrangements done pre planned with our experts and skilled builders and architects.

This investment will be helpful in your prospective life at the time of any kind of crisis orany economic problem so its better to get rid of this hurdles of price rise make an investment at correct time in a proper place. Sattva is leading with plenty of projects in hands and need the support from your side to make a tension free life.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Services of Sattva Group Real Estate Bangalore

The services of Sattva is the supreme and appreciatable not only for words it will reflect in each and every action of Sattva. We think on the reason why projects will be suceesful so that we never miss those criteria under any circumstances to give a successful projects everytime and anytime. The Three Service which we are providing to the customer is:

1) Rentals and Leasing
2) Facilities Management
3) Interiors

Rental and Leasing-

Purchasing Apartments for own or rental is hectic job in todays date and no one is bother to check what is happening to the rentals apartments should be with all the facilities. We are providing Rental and Leasing facilities in the City area as the city is filled with the office going Mom and Dad as everyone is civilized and educated require the rental apartment with all the modern and sophisticated features to lead a happy life. Our hands of services consist of five features called comfortable, satisfaction, facilities, Easy Transportation, Urban oriented area. Thinking this five festures we build apartments for rental and leasing. The contract is not too short in our services, the houses which we provide for leasing will have the maximum year of time for leasing as we respect the value for the money. Along with this we have a wide string of office for rental and leasing with all the office package facilities. Salarpuria Sattva is the most promising projects and stand as an axample of the real estate who understands the business needs of such companies. Even such hard work is due to the careful work and clear explanation of the architects and designers we nominate them for the work. We trust that our growth is because of the trust that you keep on us for our work and dedication.

Facilities Management-

We give the guidance and clear notation of the large picture of the work is to be done on your project so that you will be tension free as the work is transparent to your conscious of mind and need not to worry about the problem of thinking whether you are doing is correct or wrong. Designing the project and constructing according to the project and design perfectly so that it should not require any kind of modification on any part of the construction time and work. We are focused with all the criteria at the time of replacement of the physical plant and commissioning management. While the distribution of property we consider the identification of the clients and their needs, Hence there will be no problem in future to make an investment in those properties. Our services will be biased performer in increasing the economic of the sattva to generate the maximum income to give the satisfied services as ever.


Real Estate Bangalore Company: We promise the customer to give the minute needs into their expected large and decorative reality and we believe this is the main reason we get success and growth on every consecutive projects we undertake. The technology and the techniques we take to accomplish the work is very much focused and sharp to give the cutting edge capabilities and material to deliver the high and final expected output of the clients. We have team of experts who will be focused on the attractive and most convent interiors should be given in all the time. Our experts also trained in such a way that they able to cope up with the customer's changing needs in a near prospective times.

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Real Estate Bangalore

Over the last decades the SattvaGroup shown the exponential increase in the capital investment and constructed many buildings with reasonable and affordable apartments to the people. Salarpuria Sattva wins award for the residential projects in central Bangalore and also bestowed the maximum appreciation for the Gentleman work in capital prices on last year.


Salarpuria Real estate bangalore has given a maximum return on investment in property for those customer purchasing apartments for the long time investment. The economic value also shown increase because of the uptrend of Sattvagroup in this year with lots of successful project. We work on the basic principle of the Construction protocol and never violet the rules with respect to the green earth and its beautiful environment. We construct the apartments on thinking everything on the mind regarding the rental rates and the investment made by the purchaser as the rental rates will not exceed beyond the value of the property that is to be sell and rental at reasonable price. When compare to the alover Bangalore the rental opted by Salarpuria is less than the rental opted by all the apartments provider in the city.

However the land and material used for the construction is up to the mark and there is no any malfunction is going to be done on the construction work and this is the main mission of Sattvagroup. We are 100 % sure about our work to be done on time without any delay in work because we believe that time is precious and respect the value for time and money of the customer. Instead the apartments is on the outer area we make you to connected to their workplace by monotrain, flyover etc to make your daily work easily and more comfortably. We want your support and interest to see our apartments and the way it is completed from the starting point to the high peak.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Luxury Apartments in Bangalore

Luxury 3 BHK Apartments, 4 BHK Duplex & Penthouse | 8th Main Malleshwaram, Bangalore
Salapuria Sattva Luxuria Tower is a iconic towers in fabulous glass finishes and this tower is a landmark in Malleshwaram. This Luxuria Residential Project which is unique, stylish and classy. You can find 197 luxurious apartments in this tower.

Anyone find their dream home here to lead a luxurious life with full of happy and enjoyment. You no need to go for outside for park or other places, with in this tower there is facilities like equipped clubhouses, landscaped gardens, waterfalls and swank lobbies.
For best quality living we providing advanced technology, complete power back up, security and green measures.

Home Space: 3 BHK Apartments and 4 BHK Duplex and Penthouses
Area:  Range of 2215 sft to 4465 sft.

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Lifestyle of Luxury and Class in Apartments

Salarpuria Sattva Magnificia Bangalore - In old Madras Road Magnificia is referred as landmark on Old Madras Road, which is very near from Indiranagar, which is close to the elevated flyover and the Byapanahalli Metro Terminus, en route to Whitefield and Major IT Companies and Corporate Offices.

In Magnificia Tower you can find a apartment for rent or lease with the fine selection of  3 Bedrooms, 4BHK Duplexes and Penthouses with floor area between 2266 sft to 4050 sft. You can enjoy your lifestyle like others and you can feel luxureous life.

To Get More Details about Apartments of Salarpuria Sattva Magnificia like

Master Plan
Floor Plans
Project Progress and also here you can download a google map direction of this luxurious apartments or flats in this sattva's great magnificia tower.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Real Estate Development Company

Salarpuria sattva Builders and Developers is famous for property development and real estate development in a multifaceted business, capturing actions which add the reconstruction as well as re-lease connected with existing houses to the invest in connected with raw area plus the purchase connected with improved upon area or perhaps parcels to people. Real Estate Company investment progress in design is unique.'We will not create ourselves' ,We choose the area, finance the deal, then we have got the top constructors create beneath attachment with a set cost.

We have already proved ourselves in development in Bangalore. Sattva group is most favorable in functionality ,cost and location.They power the real estate property along with design know-how since they work well along with design firms on the part of the particular tenant corporations.  designers make certain that recently constructed flats satisfy the purchaser businesses' requirements. Real estate investment designers tend to be property or home professionals .

property developers play a important role in the forming in creating society’s homes, physical environment and businesses. Working with  finances, planners, policymakers and other professions, they make the world we live. shape the world we live in.

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